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Taxation in Mali


The latest tax reforms in Mali derive from the adoption of Acts 02-004 and 02-005 in 2002, which came as a result of pressure from the private sector. The reforms amended the Code Dénéral des Impôts (CGI – general tax code) and relate to capital gains tax for individuals. In addition, Acts 99-011 and 99-012 adopted in 1999, which also dealt with a change in the CGI, introduced a few innovations, while leaving intact certain provisions of the old CGI of December 1995. There are three categories of direct taxes and two categories of indirect taxes. In addition to direct and indirect taxation are registration fees and customs duties. The CGI is currently being reviewed with the objective of modernising and simplifying the legislative framework and harmonising it with WAEMU rules.

Direct Taxes

Direct taxes include income taxes, patents and licences and related taxes. In general, amounts are determined by applying a taxation rate to each tax band, with the exception of the global tax and the vehicle tax, which are lump sum amounts.

Indirect Taxes

The principal innovation in the tax reform of 2002 is the harmonisation of the value-added tax (VAT) at 18% and the exemption of certain manufactured goods, such as:

• read for current consumption;
• pharmaceutical products;
• fertiliser and other agricultural inputs;
• books, school brochures and local newspapers;
• agricultural equipment

Indirect taxes also include the Taxe sur les Activités Financières (TAF – tax on financial activities) at a single rate of 15% and the Impôt Spécial sur Certains Produits (ISCP – special tax on specific products), with a rate varying by product.

Other Taxes

Registration Fees

Taxes in this category are levied at a single rate of CFA 6,000 francs and deal with deeds of establishment, amalgamation, continuation or dissolution of corporations.





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