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Housing in Mali

In an unfurnished property there would usually be a kitchen, bathroom and utility connection. The term semi-furnished is not usually used in Mali but a furnished property would be fully furnished i.e. there would be all the basic furniture required within a property as well as electro domestics. Please note that these may not all be of the level and standard that an expatriate would expect.

There is a certain amount of flexibility in rental negotiation and furnishings. It depends on the individual landlord; many landlords are not prepared to furnish higher level properties and the few that are will require a substantial raise in rent in order to cover their expenses to do so.

Costs involved in renting a property are:

real estate agency fee – this varies from agency to agency, some require 10% annual rent, others require a fee just to show a prospective property and thereafter may charge even more;
rent is usually paid two or three months in advance;
a security deposit of two or three months is usually required.

Apart from the above, the rental contract must be registered – the cost of registration is borne by the tenant and is 3% rental value When a contract is in the name of a corporation, an 18% tax applies. A service fee or condominium fee is to be paid when renting a property in a building with other dwellings. Sometimes this will include security provision, when it does not , it is important that this is sourced from a reputable provider.

It is not common practice to make a pre-contractual agreement, nor to pay a holding deposit. Therefore once a suitable property has been identified, negotiation takes place, contract is drawn up, payment is made and the contract must thereafter be registered at the relevant office by the tenant.

maintenance of the property is specified in the rental contract, usually the landlord is responsible for maintenance and the tenant for maintaining the inside of the property in the state in which it was when consigned. Alterations to the property can only be made with the written consent of the landlord.

Provided terms of the contract are respected and the property is left in good condition (as verified by the check in sheet signed at the time of consignment), there is usually no issue in obtaining full return of deposit when leaving the property. For early termination of the lease, the minimum notice period is usually three months, and the security deposit will be forfeited.





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